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Faculty of Economic Science

The purpose of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is to provide comprehensive training to educate innovative professionals of sound judgement in economics to satisfy the needs of society.
The Faculty performs the essential functions of University in the light of the social and educational demands of the local, national, and international context. The School develops educational, research, outreach, and networking activities at UNCUYO campuses in Mendoza, San Rafael, General Alvear, and Junín.

Academic Offerings

Technical Degree Courses, Teacher Training Programs and Undergraduate Courses

  • Public Accountant (The degree course is offered in Mendoza and San Rafael)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics (The degree course is offered in Junín and Mendoza)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Management of Regional Businesses (The degree course is offered in Junín and General Alvear)

PhD Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Science Economic. It offers three mentions: Administration, Accounting and Economics.

Master´s Degree

  • Master’s Degree Agribusiness Business Management MAGNAGRO
  • Master’s Degree Business Administration
  • Master’s Degree Health Services Administration
  • Master’s Degree Integrated Water Resources Management - MGIRH
  • Master’s Degree Financial Management of the Public Sector
  • Master’s Degree Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development - MRS


  • Specialization in Bankruptcy Syndicate and Insolvency Entities
  • Specialization in Costs and Business Management
  • Specialization in Management and Technological Linking - GTec
  • Specialization in Taxation


  • Financial strategy
  • Control and audit of the public sector
  • Special administrative procedures and administrative-constitutional processes
  • Managing Sustainable Organizational Change and Leadership
  • Quality Management
  • Management of Sports Organizations
  • Neuroscience Applied to Business and Economics
  • State Resource Management
  • Management of Commercial Establishments
  • Quality Management
  • Management of Sports
  • Organizations
  • Management of Commercial
  • Establishments
  • Neuroscience Applied to
  • Business and Economics
  • State Resource Management
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graduate students
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Courses taught at Business School


  • 1939

    Creation of the School of Economic Sciences

  • 1945

    Change of denomination to Faculty of Economic Sciences

  • 1949

    First issue of the scientific journal of the Faculty

  • 1970

    New office on UNCuyo Campus

  • 1985

    Deep changes in the Faculty’s courses

  • 1989-2013

    Broadening the academic offer of graduate courses

  • 2016

    New undergraduate course: Degree in Logistics